Wood heating professionals praise the merits of “wood chips”

A solution “more relevant than ever for collective installations” : this is how the French union of biomass boiler makers (SFCB) qualifies wood chips, a “local, sustainable and virtuous solution for communities, which are still mainly dependent on gas and fuel oil”. One of the assets, in times of energy crisis: the price, advances the SFCB. The wood chips would thus have a price of around “€30-35/MWh, compared to more than €100/MWh for most energies available on the market”.

Local authorities could thus benefit from a switch to this mode of heatingcontinues the union. “With the supply of heating networks, housing and collective equipment, the municipalities that have converted to wood energy have thus not suffered from the rises in gas prices.” Finally, among other advantages, the SFCB highlights the better performance of wood-chip appliances compared to that of heat pumpswho have not “no performance when temperatures are negative”. “The wood chip can provide heat at high temperature, with a low cost and a neutral carbon footprint whatever the external climatic conditions.”

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