ZFE: Bruno Bernard rejects the diesel ban in Lyon – Le Journal des Entreprises

The president of the Métropole de Lyon will have finally heard worries of the economic world and in particular of artisans. Announced for 2026, the ban on diesel-powered vehicles (Crit’Air 2) in the Métropole de Lyon, as part of the implementation of the low emission zone (ZFE)has just been postponed to 2028. “Decisions must be made, but also shared by as many people as possible. We need collective maturation. We weren’t there yet. To be effective, a policy must be accepted”, justifies Bruno Bernard, in an interview with the weekly Grandstand of Lyon, to be published on Thursday 16 February. The president of the community also announces to suspend the extension of the ZFE, voted in September 2022. A new deliberation should take place in June. “Either we directly put a wider perimeter, in a calendar to be discussed, or we start with the one that was planned and we widen it over time”, he specifies.

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